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If you're ready to make some changes in your professional life, you're exactly where you need to be!

The Perfect Match Directory is exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs who want to find an Expert or their Dream Team to help scale their business!

I want to help make the process of growing your team easier, so here's a checklist I put together just for you! 

Who are we kidding? the process of growing your team can be a long one and sometimes even challenging. So let's remove all obstacles in your way, shall we? I'm here to eliminate the stress of searching high and low for the perfect and talented Expert who's going to help you scale that fabulous business of yours! 

Who I help

Entrepreneurs ready to grow their team.


The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match Directory is perfect if you're searching for that Professional and talented Expert that will help you scale your business. Someone who will help take over the projects you KNOW a professional needs to handle so you can focus on sharing your talent with the world. 


The Dream Team

The Perfect Match Directory is also the perfect place to find and build that dream team you've been dreaming about! See what I did there?.....I guess dreams do come true :) I know you're amazingly talented, but you're only one person. So it's time to build your team of experts who are going to help you navigate your business, so you can finally feel at ease knowing that all the moving parts are moving in the right direction. 


Matching Made Easy

As Entrepreneurs, we get really busy at times that we end up putting other tasks off. Searching for the help you need often gets put on the back burner because it's another thing added to the list. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed with the idea of having to search for the right Expert, then allow me to do the searching and matching for you! You and I will have a 1:1 and discuss your needs. I will then find you your perfect Expert or Dream Team match! 

How the directory works...

The directory was created with you in mind! Talented ladies experienced in different areas to help you scale your business.


I created The Perfect Match Directory to help eliminate the overwhelm of searching for a talented Expert. Once you gain access to the directory you have the freedom to search through every category to find your perfect match.

  • Just click on the category, find the talented Expert that stands out to you, and click on their calendar link to schedule a call with them!

Having access to this directory gives you the opportunity to build your team of amazingly talented ladies to help your business as a whole.

If it still feels a bit overwhelming, I'm available to help with that! Just book a call with me and I can personally match you with the expert I feel would be the perfect match for your business.   

Types of Experts featured in The Perfect Match Directory



Virtual Assistants 

Social Media Managers

Online Business Managers

Ad Strategists

Graphic & Branding Designers

Dubsado Experts

Podcast Managers

Course Creation/Launch/Funnel Experts

Kajabi Experts

Pinterest Managers

Strategy & Project Management Experts

Web Designers

Marketing Experts 


Here's your chance to access this amazing directory!

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Matching Made Easy


Most Popular

  • Exclusive 1:1 call with me so you can fill me in on your business needs
  • I do all the work, and personally find you your best match or team
  • Unlimited access to all Experts within the Directory
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What Perfect Matches are saying

Moving forward with their dream team!  

Rebecca Gruenspan, MSW   Founder and Chief Consultant of RG Adoption Consulting 

"What a gem of a resource Sonia is! She is so easy to talk with and after explaining what my needs were, she instantly had someone in mind for me.  Within a few days, I had a VA hired and ready to start! I had been agonizing over this for months, and Sonia made it happen so quickly! "

PJ Olsen, Founder of Restorative Strength, LLC

"Not only is Sonia an amazing VA, but she's fabulous as a matchmaker for other service providers! After hiring her as my VA and immediately proving to me how fantastic she is at that, Sonia learned that I was in need of a copywriter to help get my digital course launched properly. Sonia is highly intuitive and understanding of not only the importance of matching up someone with the desired skill set, but also in bringing together well-suited personalities. Her recommendation of Casey has proven to be the perfect match and I have been over-the-top thrilled with the copy she has produced! Thanks, Sonia!"

Nice to meet you!

I'm Sonia Martinez, Founder of The Perfect Match Directory and The Single Mom's Blueprint to Success 

Thank you for being here, I truly am so grateful that you've taken time out of your day to get to know me and my business. I am a Mama to two beautiful kids and a wife to my very handsome husband, whom I like most days (haha). I have a degree in Criminal Justice and worked in the legal field for a big part of my life. Like most, I started my business in a small corner of my bedroom (I mean tiny) but my motivation to succeed was bigger than my entire house! I started SM Administrative Consulting, LLC because I wanted to help make life easier for other Entrepreneurs, I mean I'm a mom.....I'm pretty sure making life easier for everyone else but yourself is imprinted into our mama genes! Am I right?! It's been a few years now and I couldn't be happier with how far my business has come and how much I've grown. Although business is great, I've always known that I wanted to do more than just help. I wanted to change lives and make a difference. That's when The Single Mom's Blueprint to Success was born. I was raised by a single mom and saw the struggles of her having to work more than one job and still be a present parent. This is something that is close to my heart and I believe it's something that needs to change so these mamas can feel like they're living and not just surviving. I want more than anything to help single mamas succeed on their own terms and be present for their kids. I also wanted to continue helping Entrepreneurs as much as I could, and since I was already matching them with the experts they needed, I figured I would create a directory to make it easy to find their perfect match without the stress of trying to figure out where to start. 

Helping others is my calling, and I am just so grateful that I am able to center my business around helping others succeed. 

Are you ready to invest in your business?

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  • Unlimited access
  • Log in anytime and find one Expert or build your Dream Team
  • Access to all Experts within the Directory
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Matching Made Easy


Most Popular

  • Exclusive 1:1 call with me so you can fill me in on your business needs
  • I personally find you your best match or team
  • Unlimited access to all Experts within the Directory
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Don't forget to grab your checklist!

This checklist will help you narrow down the type of Expert you need to help you with your business. 


Are you an Expert and want to be featured in The Perfect Match Directory? 

Well, now you can!!! The Expert Membership is officially open! You can apply by clicking below. The Perfect Match Directory is the perfect place for clients to find YOU!

I'm excited to meet you and your talents!